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Training Center

The ALASKA TOUR training center annually conducts training sessions to improve the skills of its specialists and train newly arrived staff.


Training is based on the combination of lectures and practical tasks, including decision making and analysis of situational tasks and exercises, conducting role-playing and business games, professional discussions and brainstorming sessions.


Training will be a good flagship in a bright professional future in tourism!


You should have a desire to study and work hard.


For three weeks you will have the opportunity to:


- get acquainted with the country in detail, learn the culture of the people, the customs adopted in the region, Turkish cuisine, features of the mentality;


- explore the region of the Aegean coast (BodrumKusadasiDidimCesmeFethiye);


- familiarity with the hotel database in all regions;


- visit tour programs (the Ancient city of Ephesus, virgin Mary House, PamukkaleSirince village, Basilica of St. John the Evangelist, Dalyan, boat, jeep Safari, Safari riding, diving, etc.);


study the characteristics of a guide-transferman’s job.